Gloria Trotter Needs A Kidney Bio

The seeds for what would become Gloria Trotter Needs A Kidney were planted on one blustery winter evening in Port Huron, Michigan (despite the cold and no doubt snowy conditions for planting seeds), while its founders Noah Waldeck and Shawn McMahan were watching the classic 80’s film Fletch. Without even completing the film, the duo immediately began collaborating on an experimental electronic project called Nugent 9K (who’s name was inspired by the fellow Michigander, hunting activist, cutoff sleeve snakeskin shirt wearing musician Ted Nugent, and the arbitrary numbers electronic groups traditionally attach to their names). Nugent 9K recorded a number of instrumental songs utilizing at least two different MIDI Keyboards and perhaps a couple of Apple loops. That project would later go on to be described as a frightening blend of synthesized classical instruments used incorrectly. During that same period they also began to collaborate on the The Patrick Stewart Jungle Experience, an awesomely titled band for which no music has ever been written or performed.

Although originally inspired by Fletch’s incredible 80’s soundtrack, Nugent 9K never created anything that even came close to being as awesome. Displeased with these results, Noah and Shawn decided to form a new project which would draw inspiration from more cool bands than you could ever name in your lifetime, yet sound completely original and unique. They chose the name Gloria Trotter Needs A Kidney based on a sign they saw on a road trip for someone named Gloria Trotter, who as it turns out, may actually needed a kidney. Upon returning from the trip, the band began the start of their unthinkably incredible music journey together.